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Virgin's Protection Magic Walkthrough lillseyc




Gwendolyn: Gwendolyn is the first member of the Gwendolyn's Army and is the only female member. Gwendolyn was originally sent to arrest Gwendolyn. She was later found as a maid in a human school. (Gwendolyn's army, a romantic-drama type game, etc.) Gwendolyn's primary role is to have sex with virgins, a role in which she is also good at. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Trash: Trash, just like the name, is the black market thief that is the best at the art of stealing. He only targets little things like keys, food, and rags, and once they have been successfully stolen, he uses them for any number of unsavory purposes, including the manufacturing of goop. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Paco: Paco is the man of the shadows. He is considered the most powerful among the group and can come out from anywhere. He is often given the role of a supervisor or a coordinator. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Rain: Rain is the main speaker of the group and is often the leader. She is also a master of the art of Magic and can talk with Gwendolyn. She can command soldiers and lovemaking partners. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Azure: Azure is the second strongest member. Azure is a cold-blooded killer. Stats: 3 Lewdness . Kingdom: The leader of the Kingdom. It is unclear how high his status is, but he is the best friend of Gwendolyn. Stats: 5 Sex . Royalty: A friend of Gwendolyn. He is a gentleman who is always dressed in full-dress, and looks like he's an actual royal. He's obsessed with getting close to Gwendolyn. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Maestro: Maestro is a friend of Gwendolyn. He was a man who was kidnapped by the black market thieves after his pig-based goop was stolen. It was thanks to Maestro's goop that the goop thieves were able to survive. Maestro is always traveling around to different countries to search for Gwendolyn. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Zangetsu: A powerful and frightening soldier. Stats: 5 Lewdness . Mograc: A messenger. Mograc is



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Virgin's Protection Magic Walkthrough lillseyc

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