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The library is made up of four funds: Old Fund, XIX Fund, Contemporary Fund and Periodical Publications. In the old collection we have half a thousand books printed from the 16th to the 18th century with movable types, as well as choral books from New Spain. Fund XIX contains prints from 1840 to 1940, mostly Mexican. The Contemporary Fund is the largest, as it reaches 10,000 specialized copies on topics such as the history of the Order of Preachers, the history of the Church in America and the history of Querétaro. Periodical publications include magazines and bulletins in general.

The library currently, having an extensive collection, dedicates daily efforts to cataloging and arranging the volumes. Until now, only the Old Collection has been cataloged in its entirety. The rest of the funds are working on medium-term projects to offer a digital search service.

In addition to the cataloging work, the IDIH Library offers the public the consultation of its material in the facilities and the digitization service. For this, it is necessary to send a letter to the Director of the IDIH, in which the user introduces himself and specifies the material that you want to consult and send it to the electronic address:  



Project coordinator: Mtro. Hugo Daniel Lopez H.

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