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The Dominican Institute of Historical Research has the following tasks:  

1.- Concentration, cleaning, documentary stabilization through preventive conservation actions.

2.- The classification, organization, cataloging and digitization of the Historical Archive of the Order of Preachers in Mexico.

3.- The implementation of the necessary means to search for documentation to increase the collection of said Archive.

4.- The creation, storage, conservation and classification of a basic library of Dominican Historical Studies at the service of the Province.

5.- The programming and presentation of courses and conferences on the history of the Order in Mexico.

6.- Research, publication and dissemination of works on the spirituality, history, culture and artistic manifestations of the Order in our country.

7.- Periodic publication of a Bulletin that reports on the Institute's heritage and activities to the communities of the Province.

8.- The relationship and exchange with other related Institutions, both within the Order and external to it.


Through our growing collection of digital media, we're helping to engage a new generation of learners and laying the foundation for bringing people, ideas, and information together in the future.


Institutions  sisters

Province of Santiago de Mexico

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St. Thomas Aquinas Center for Philosophical Studies

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Cultural University Center


Human Rights Center Fray Francisco de Vitoria

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Insitutium Historicum Ordinaris Praedicatorum

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École biblique et archéologique francaise de Jérusalem

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Aquinas Institute


Las Casas Institute

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Thomistic Institute

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University Santo Tomas


Historical Research Institute


Asociación Mexicana de Archivos y Bibliotecas Privados, A.C.

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