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The Historical Archive of the Order of Preachers in Mexico has information that gives cultural identity to the entire national territory, since the documentation in question dates from the arrival of the Dominicans in New Spain in the 16th century and brings together the legacy they left the old provinces that the friars had throughout the territory of New Spain, going through the grouping of information from the Dominicans during the 19th century until the restoration of their province on January 25, 1961, which they managed to do after their expulsion and persecution as a consequence of the reform laws and the Mexican revolution.

This site, therefore, houses one of the most outstanding Historical Archives in the country, which is why it deserves its promotion and dissemination, as well as the constant work of conservation and accommodation.

Currently, with the objective of disseminating its collection, work began since last January 2021 thanks to the support granted by the PECDA Artistic Creation and Development Stimulus Program, on the cataloging and digitization of one of its collections that brings together the Information on the former Dominican province of San Hipólito Mártir de Oaxaca, created at the end of the 16th century and even restored as a vicarage in the second decade of the 20th century. The collection in question contains capitular acts, correspondence between friars of the old houses and convents, licenses to be priests, property lawsuits, donations, account books of the brotherhoods that existed during the viceregal period, data of the third orders, notebooks of the convent of nuns of Santa Catalina de Sena, secularization of doctrines, resignations and petitions due to the circumstances of exclaustration in the 19th century, among others.

The catalog is online at the user's disposal to be consulted at any time. The digitized document can be accessed by making the corresponding request through our contact information.

Responsible for the cataloging and digitalization project of the Oaxaca Fund: Mtra. Miriam Aurora Gómez Escalante (PECDA 2020).

Consulta del Acervo Documental


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